The God of Hope is mightily at work. His Word has life-giving power, restores and replenishes whatever it is that the enemy may have stolen from you.

A church member testified about the miraculous healing she received after she was due to undergo surgery to remove an Ectopic pregnancy. She was prayed for during one of the church services and Apostle Bright declared a word that she should not worry. A verbatim transcription of the testimony and the doctors report that accompany this miracle:

“Evening Daddy as I am writing to you I still can’t believe the power of God in my life. After you prayed for me on Sunday, the pain I felt was gone without taking any medication. On Monday, I went for a scan the report concluded it was an Ectopic pregnancy. The shock was too and much I could not stop crying. While I was sitting waiting for the blood results because they had told me that they were suspecting that Ectopic could be 5 weeks 3 days old and that they might remove my tubes because they were damaged; I could not stop crying but I remembered that you had prayed for me and you told me not to worry. I was still shocked then they came back with the blood results and they were negative. After that, they referred me to a gynaecologist because they could not understand the abnormalities that they were seeing. I went to a gynaecologist and she interpreted the sonar and said that she was just seeing an egg because it was my ovulating period. Daddy, I can't stop crying thinking about the goodness of God in that place. I would like to thank you for giving us you as our spiritual father I do not know how to thank you for being in our lives”