Miraculous healing during our Anointing Service

Today, as we concluded our 7 days of Prayer and Fasting Programme, the anointing for miracles was tangible, God was healing and delivering His people. The Apostle declared that from henceforth, everyone who was part of the gathering today would no longer be troubled because they have been marked for distinction and bear the marks of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, no the principalities of darkness will never touch or oppress them again. Just as the Apostle declared, this lady who had 1 leg shorter than the other received her healing and deliverance during the service. The Apostle accurately prophesied that there is a curse in her family and also mentioned that the source of her sickness was partly physical and partly spiritual but that she will be healed. As soon as he started praying for her, one of the legs began to match the size of the other one which was longer.