Miraculous Payment of University Fees

Miss R. Magoro, a Hope Family Centre church member testified about the miraculous payment she received on her university fees.
During one of the Sunday Services, Dr Bright declared to the congregation that whoever who wants to plant a seed should come and do so on the alter. In heeding to the call of the man of God, she did exactly that, planted her seed in faith and a few seconds later, the power of God hit her and I fell down. The following Monday, she decided to go on her university’s student portal to if her father had been making payment for her school fees. To her surprise, she found out that the amount she was owing to the university had decreased from almost R4000 to R935. When she asked him if he had made the payment, she found out that he did not do so and then she remembered the seed she had planted on the alter. Her father paid the outstanding amount and now her account balance has been cleared to R0.00. Glory be God who had miraculously intervened in her financial affairs. Believers keep trusting God, you are next on the miracle line.