• To impart Godly Values
  • To teach and open a platform for believers to raise and discuss issues that concern them
  • To expose believers to opportunities of ministering
  • To affirm and celebrate Christianity as a lifestyle
  • To empower Christians with the undefiled and incorruptible word of truth


At Hope Family Centre, God is our first priority. This includes the concepts of relationship with God, loving God, obedience to His word, personal devotion, a lifestyle of worship, and commitment to His cause.

Belonging - The church should be a community of people who love, care for, value and esteem one another. This includes the concepts of relational authenticity, acceptance, forgiveness, restoration and connectedness.

Evangelism - We are passionate about reaching unchurched people. This includes the concepts of relational evangelism, evangelism as a process, need oriented outreach and serving our community.

Relevance - The church should be culturally relevant so as to reach this current generation effectively. This includes the concepts of being real, relational, passionate and contemporary in style and expression, in our lives, ministry, worship and prayer.

Equipping - The church exists to prepare God’s people for ministry and service. This includes the concepts of teaching for life change, discipleship, and spiritual growth, coaching and training in ministry, life skills, parenting, marriage, and financial stewardship.

Empowerment - Christians should be filled with the Holy Spirit expressing God-given gifts and abilities. This includes the concepts of ‘gift-oriented’ ministry, ministry callings, and spiritual gifts, the supernatural and spiritual renewal in our everyday lives and gatherings.

Excellence - We believe in giving God our best and have God’s glory and obedience to his will as our highest aim. This includes the concepts of continual evaluation and improvement. Integrity - We value integrity and Christ-like character.
This includes the concepts of honouring God and each other, personal character, accountability and wholeness.

Leadership - The church should be led by men and women with leadership gifts. This includes the concepts of God-given authority, recognition of call and gifting, empowerment, servant leadership, correction, strategic focus and church governance that is leadership not congregationally driven.

Service - Christians should serve God, our community and each other willingly and enthusiastically. This includes the concepts of servanthood, dedication and kingdom purposes.

Teamwork - Success can only be achieved together and every member of this church is valued and necessary. This includes the concepts of unity, giftedness and accountability.

Generosity - We believe in being generous with our time, finances, and talents. This includes the concepts of faith, stewardship, sound financial management, wealth creation and care and compassion for helping those in financial and material need.