Hope Family Centre

Hope Family Centre was founded in 2009, under the anointed leadership of Dr Bright and Pastor Constance Mudau. The church has since immensely grown from few members to becoming one of the fastest growing churches in and around Soweto (Chiawelo).

We are a family church with believers from different cultures, races and nations. We are a church that enjoys live worship and we believe in the God who performs miracles through His Word, the Holy Spirit and the intervention of divine power.

We aim to be a church which is strongly distinguished by a call to meet the needs of our people. This entails ministering to the sick, caring for the poor and lonely as well as feeding the hungry. We strive to reach out to the nations and bring God’s word to a lost generation; to spread his love by teaching people to believe, belong and become in Christ.

Our plan is to be a significant church in our community, influencing our workplaces, schools and social groups. We believe the church must engage with the community in which it exists and are committed to impacting our world through service and outreach.

We are passionate about being a church where people discover their uniqueness, realise their dreams and fulfil their God-given potential. Our desire is to mobilise a new generation of effective Christian leaders; undergirded by our philosophy which is to ensure that we bring back the responsive individuals in the kingdom of God by equipping them to influence others in the surrounding neighborhood including Soweto as a whole.


Dr Bright and Pastor Constance Mudau

Dr Bright and Pastor Constance Mudau are both the founding and Senior Pastors of Hope Family Centre, which has experienced phenomenal growth under their leadership to become an influential church in Chiawelo and surrounding communities. An articulate motivational speaker and counselor, Dr Bright Mudau Holds a Doctorate from the prestigious Lifechange Training Centre and Pastor Constance, who is mightily gifted in deliverance, is pursuing a degree in Social work at UNISA.

Together, they are powerful preachers of the word who are able to connect to a wide audience without compromising the truth of the gospel. Their ministry is accompanied by signs of healing the sick, gifts of discernment, prophecy and deliverance.

Their enthusiastic love and heart towards caring for the community is evident in their commitment to empowering people to become better contributors in the communities wherein they live. Their union of more than a decade is blessed with three children namely, Bright junior and Vhuthu and Mukhetwa Mudau.